Friday, January 29, 2010

10 Weeks

Man, I suck at keeping up with this blog as often as I intended...
:-P Oh well, here's today's update:

I made 10 weeks today, the beginning of the fetal period and
quarter-of-the-way mark. I'm still feeling reasonably well, although
I'm very tired, starting to experience some round ligament pain, and I
actually threw up for the first time in this pregnancy last weekend.

I mentioned a surprise visit from my dad last week, and that was fun,
although unexpected and without much warning. :-) He's just
spontaneous like that sometimes. He wasn't particularly worried about
my mom's organic food kick (have I mentioned she thinks her grandbaby
is in mortal danger because I don't eat organic?), but he did express
some concern about raising a baby in my dirty house. (Don't tell
Hubby...he's the only one who does any cleaning and would be so pissed
that Dad found his work inadequate!) I'm a big believer in building
the immune system through exposure to plenty of germs and allergens.
:-) Ah well, to each his or her own.

My work-life balance advocacy crew is also making great progress on
pushing that grad student parental leave policy through. We have a
meeting with the assistant dean next week and are working on
scheduling one with the head of the new work-life center soon.
Everyone has seemed so supportive so far that I'm feeling pretty good
that it will actually be implemented without much of a fight. W00t!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

8 weeks, 5 days

Things are a bit out of whack this week due to a spontaneous visit
from my dad, but all is well and I'll catch up more over the weekend.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

7 weeks, 4 days

I announced my pregnancy to Beloved PI yesterday, and it went perfectly. :-) Again, I find myself wondering, why do I stress myself out about these things? He always has my back! Best PI ever. So yeah, I said "I'm pregnant," and he smiled and said "I've been wondering when you were going to tell me that." I don't think he actually knew, since I hadn't told anyone else at work, but they all saw it coming. I had been pretty openly baby crazy since that last intimidating conversation back in May, so I guess he had plenty of time to work through any mixed feelings he may have had. Yesterday, he was genuinely happy for me, and somewhat cautious, anxious for me to make it past that 12 week mark. I'm just happy with my little bean's heartbeat!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

6 weeks, 6 days

I got to see my little lentil bean's heartbeat yesterday! It's just a little flicker in the middle of a 6 mm blob, but apparently that's exactly as it should be for this point in my pregnancy. Everything is going perfectly and I'm thrilled!

I'm thinking of telling Beloved PI this weekend (after confirming everything is good, before anyone else at work finds out, and over the weekend where there are fewer people around and he has some low key time to process). I expect somewhat of a mixed reaction from him. He'll be happy for me, because he has his own precious little girl and knows I've wanted a baby for a while, but he'll be upset at the prospect of losing me, if only for a couple of months, and he'll be terrified about affording to pay me during my maternity leave, since the last big grant runs out right around my due date. I'm sort of assuming the graduate division will take care of it, since they guarantee my stipend for 6 years of adequate progress (I'll be starting my 6th year then) and have a "recommendation" of 6 weeks paid maternity leave in the student handbook (which my advocacy crew is working to extend to the whole grad school as a minimum of 8 weeks for both parents). I'm hopeful that we can work something out, one way or the other, by starting as early as possible.

Anyway, any suggestions on breaking the news gently?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

6 weeks, 4 days

Halfway through the first trimester already, can you believe it? That
whole counting from last menstrual period thing makes it seem like
time has just flown by. :-P Anyway, I'm still feeling pretty good.
I've been a bit nauseas at times, but no vomiting. Shall I spare you
the details of my yuckier or more private symptoms? I think so. The
grad school related bits of the experience will presumably be more
interesting to my readers, right?

Still haven't told anyone at work, and I definitely won't until after
tomorrow's ultrasound confirms a heartbeat. I thought I'd wait for
the end of my first trimester, but people keep telling me they'll know
long before then. I figured as soon as my symptoms start to interfere
with my work, or I start showing, but I may decide to tell my PI even
before that. My thinking there is to hopefully get him to stop piling
more non-thesis-related work on me every day, but I doubt it will
really work.

I'm expecting (hoping) to get my first publication out before the baby
comes. It should, for one thing, serve as evidence of "adequate
progress" or whatever they call it, in case there ends up being any
debate on my request for paid leave. It turns out that I'm due at the
end of August, the same time as our 2nd R01 runs out, so the graduate
program may have to pick up the slack on my stipend during a brief
funding gap.

My division already has a recommendation on the books for 6 weeks paid
maternity leave, but I'm still hoping we can push this new 8 week
policy through in time, or at least I hope I can argue it successfully
for myself. Six weeks is just such a pitifully short time...the
absolute minimum for recovery from an uncomplicated vaginal
birth...nevermind bonding with the new baby.

So my little work-life balance advocacy crew has accumulated support
for our policy proposal from various other people and organizations
representing women or grad students, and we're just waiting on some
sort of official statement from each so we can present it to the dean.
I also volunteered (before I knew I was pregnant...) to organize a
larger group meeting to find new leaders and get sub-groups working on
other projects. Unfortunately, since discovering my pregnancy, I've
had a hard enough time focussing on work, and I haven't done a thing
on this meeting, preferring instead to chat on the bulletin boards at all day! <Sigh>

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