Thursday, April 9, 2009

it all depends on funding

Hubby and I have come to the semi-firm conclusion that we will start trying for a baby as soon as I get word that the lab, and my project specifically, has funding for at least 3 years (i.e., long enough to get me through the rest of my Ph.D.). So, with that in mind, I'm hoping extra hard that the T-R01 we applied for in January will come through this summer. Otherwise, I have to wait to hear back on the R01 renewal we'll be submitting for the first time on June 5. Of course, the likelihood of that going through on the first try seems slim to none, so we'll presumably resubmit it Feb 5, 2010 and maybe get it funded in fall of fact, we better get it funded by then, as that's when the existing one runs out. I just realized the other R01 (the one that has nothing to do with my project) is going to run out even earlier, meaning we have to get it renewed on the first try...or else. WTF has Beloved PI been thinking, waiting so long to start applying?!? Note to self: end procrastinating ways now, long before becoming responsible for other people's livelihoods. Speaking of which, I'm late for work again and have grant paperwork to fill out... Joy! Just to clarify, the grants I'm currently working on are stimulus package related and thus would not meet the 3 year requirement mentioned above to allow the commencement of baby-making activities. Sadness.