Tuesday, December 22, 2009

4 Weeks, 4 Days

I'm so excited today! I scheduled my first prenatal appt for Jan 6
with the one midwife on my insurance network that has been recommended
for natural childbirth, and I found out they do an ultrasound at that
first visit! I'll be exactly 7 weeks from my last period, or 6 weeks,
5 days when using ovulation to determine the date (that's how I've
been doing my blog titles). I hope that's not too soon to detect a
heartbeat. :-)

Anyway, I'm glad to see I still have a couple of readers, despite my
sparse posting. I'm going to try to post much more often during my
pregnancy - somewhere between daily and weekly, as the mood strikes me
- so I can use it like a journal to chronicle the whole experience. I
also have a really pretty (physical, paper) journal that I got as a
gift several years ago and never used. I think I'll use that to write
letters to my baby...maybe one for each trimester of pregnancy, then
one for each birthday until the kid is old enough to appreciate it.

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  1. I came across your blog and wanted to write. I'm due August 22 2009 and also a scientist. I am so happy for you, and enjoy your posts. I haven't told a lot of people yet, but I'm going to take a cue from you and keep track of what I'm going through. I'm only saving them as drafts now, but as I start sharing the news with more people, I'll posts the blog entries for real. Congratulations to you and your baby!