Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So, we've decided

We're trying to get pregnant. No, the lab didn't get any new funding,
and no, Hubby and I haven't received raises. So what has changed,
then? Well, two major things changed: (1) Hubby got a promotion,
which is not only a great step along his desired career path, but it
also switches him from a night shift schedule with rotating days off
to a schedule of regular work hours and regular work days with
weekends and holidays off. This will make daycare planning way
easier, and as I think I mentioned earlier, I've already decided we
can afford full-time care with a small, inexpensive home child care
provider. (2) I realized there is no end in sight to our financial
stress at the lab, so there's no point waiting for things to calm
down. I was looking at the budgets of our two big R-01s, one of which
is being submitted for renewal in a couple of weeks, and the other
will be resubmitted in February. Even with both of these requesting
the full $250k, we won't have enough to cover everyone's salaries,
much less enough to add another student in my section of the lab
(which would have been nice so things wouldn't grind to a screeching
halt when I go on maternity leave). But anyway, the point is I'm not
willing to wait forever for a perfectly comfortable lab situation that
will probably never happen. We're just going to go for it!

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  1. Congrats! great decision....we must all stop making our "personal life" decisions based on our lab. Have fun trying :)

    Ironically, my PI announced yesterday that she is expecting (which I suspected b/c there was a visible bump). This has dimmed my hopes of trying because I just can't see it being beneficial for two sets of pregnant people to be in ONE lab.

  2. Oh, how nice! Sounds like you have a great plan. My partner always says that there's no right time for kids, - so let them come as they do! Good luck!