Thursday, February 19, 2009


Okay, so I'm new to this blogging thing, so I realize I haven't had time to say anything interesting yet. Thankfully, I'm sure no one is listening yet. How do you get readers anyway? Well, meanwhile, I just wanted to mention that this list rocks, and has been my inspiration for starting my own blog. I intend to add almost all of these to my "blogroll"...whatever that means.


  1. Fellow grad students and academics *love* to read venting blogs. So vent away! I found them unbelievably helpful sources of support and commiseration when I was working on my dissertation. About getting readers.. I found that posting comments on similar blogs really helped. Good luck and welcome to the academic blogosphere!

  2. You are following me, which is how I found you. That is one way to get readers! Welcome, and happy venting! It is very therapeutic...

  3. Yes, welcome!! You sound very much like me (although I'm at the end of my PhD and will wait until I'm done before babies) - so I'm looking forward to reading about your experiences!

    I agree that following and commenting on other blogs will get your blog out there :)